How it Works

CivicRise improves grassroots advocacy using communication and data.

Effectively mobilize targeted grassroots advocacy.

Push advocacy action alerts directly to your supporter's smartphone

Generate phone calls, emails, and more to legislators and other advocacy targets.

Create and schedule alerts for the greatest impact and response.

Create a seamless advocacy experience for your supporters.

Provide background info plus a sample script or email template to ensure confident action.

The app generates an easy "tap to call" button using correct legislator contact information based on the user's location.

Measure and evaluate your advocacy results.

Pull reports on how many people received, opened and took action based on your advocacy alerts.

Use this data to improve and refine your advocacy campaigns, including the timing, messaging and content.

Ready to try it out?

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It just takes 15 minutes to walk through the whole process and learn how you can start sending action alerts today.